The 1st Annual International Arts and Culture Symposium

Cohosted with Museum of TTU

When: 1:00 - 8:30 pm February 23 2013

Where: Helen DeVitt Jones Auditorium & Sculpture Court, Museum of Texas Tech University

3301 4th St Lubbock, TX 79409

Please Use West Entrance

Cost: Open to the Public / Free Admission / Free Parking

Suitability: Teens and up

What: Intangible Cultural Heritage

Geomnungo Concert

Poongyu Nmabook: the first performance of North Korean Geomungo music with sheet music

  • Baetnorae (Boatman’s song); arr. Youngae Han. 1964.
  • Bakyunpokpo (Bakyun waterfall); arr. Yongsil Kim. 1964.
  • Yumwon (Wish); comp. Yongsil Kim. 1962.
  • Nongchonpoongkyung (Rural scenery); comp. Yongsil Kim. 1963.
  • Hwimori (a quick, energetic 2-beat rhythm); arr. Yongsil Kim. 1962.
  • Chollima Jingoon (Chollima movement); arr. Yongsil Kim. 1962.


South Korean Geomungo Sanjo orally transmitted and cherished by Master Gapdeuk Han

  • Daseorum (tuning up)
  • Jinyangjo (the first movement in Sanjo; the slowest rhythm)
  • Jungmori (the second movement; the moderate drive or rhythm)
  • Eotmori
  • Jungjungmori (the third movement)
  • Jajinmori (the fourth movement; the fast drive)


Dr. Jawhwa Lee

Dr. Soonjin Kim

Ms. Euna Kim

Ms. Haesu Lee

Ms. Haesim Sin



Lubbock Wind and Rain composed and played by Dr. Jaehwa Lee


Sowoon: (806) 853-7257 or MoTTU: (806) 742-2011