Tea masters

Dr. Soonjin Kim

Grand Tea Master Soon Jin Kim, Ph.D., is a leader in promoting Korean tea culture. She received her Ph.D. in Tea Culture from Keimyung University, where she is now a professor. Her classes span both graduate and undergraduate students, emphasizing “Tea Culture in Global Era”. Dedicated to spreading Korean tea culture, Dr. Kim has traveled around Asia performing tea ceremonies. Both founder and managing director of the Keimyung University Tea Culture Research Institute, she is responsible for hosting the annual Tea and Philosophy symposium as well as the International Tea Culture symposium, to be expected in 2013. President of the Keimyung Tea Society and Daegu International Tea Culture Research Association since 2004, Dr. Kim has stood out as an important contributor to the preservation of Korean tea culture.

Tea Master Ms. Eun A Kim

Ms. Eun A Kim

Tea Master Eun A Kim earned her Master’s degree in Korean culture studies at Keimyung University. A committed proponent of Korean tea, Ms. Kim has been actively involved in boosting the globalization of Korean culture and tea. She has traveled around the world including performance at the 4th World Zen Tea Intercommunions in Hangzhou, China, Surasang Performance at Chateau du Clos de Vougeot, Paris, France, and performance for Globalization of Korean Food, Globalization Corea Culinary Culture (G3C), Faculty Woman’s Club of Texas Tech University in October 2011. She volunteers regularly at the Samsung Cancer Center in Seoul, South Korea as a Tea Volunteer. She is a member of the Federation of Korea Tea Masters’ Society and the International Tea Culture Society.

Ms. Haesu Lee

Tea Master Hae Su Lee is a prominent preserver of tea culture. With an M.A. in Life Etiquette/Tea Ceremony from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea, Miss Lee is seeking a Ph.D. in Eastern Philosophy from the same university. She is a member of both the Daegu International Tea Culture Research Association and the Federation of Korea Tea Masters’ Society. Her knowledge of tea culture spans further than Korea; her thesis, “A Comparative Study on Black Tea Culture between the United Kingdom and Russia” was published August of 2012.

Ms. Haesim Sin