Dr. Jae Hee Park

Dr. Jae Hee Park earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, he is the President of The National Culture Contents Research Center in Seoul, South Korea. He is known as Kookmin Hoonjang (국민훈장) or Schoolmaster of the Nation, due to his unusual ability of bringing the greatest wisdom of the past into the challenges of the present via lectures on Korean and Chinese classics and philosophy with easily understandable interpretations. He has lectured many individuals from CEOs to schoolchildren. He has talked on Sun Tuz’s Art of War and other oriental classics via KBS, EBS, and other television networks. He has appeared on many radio and television shows, including Morning Yard on KBS as well as Program Contemporary Topics and Eastern Classics, lectures airing on KBS Radio. He has published the bestseller, Momentum to Look Back at Me 3 Minute Classics, and several other books on oriental philosophy.