Sowoon Arts and Heritage is committed to creating opportunities for all people to experience diverse arts and cultural heritage.

Who We Are

Sowoon Arts and Heritage is a registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that celebrates diverse arts, encourages cultural understanding, and enriches lives.

Our Objectives

1. Cultural and Arts Institutions

• To promote networking among participants in arts and heritage: Masters and Scholars, Cultural Corporations, and Non-Profit Corporations.

• To facilitate variety of artistic and educational programs that will enhance the appreciation for the arts and the transmission of cultural heritage.

2. Artists and Culture Bearers

• To develop and promote high quality and diverse artistic performances in communities to encourage artists to reach their full potential.

• To engage in efforts to expand artistic and cultural presentations for diverse audiences.

• To create opportunities for artists, scholars, students and communities to network, present, and experience diverse arts and cultural heritage.

3. Scholars and Students

• To support research and education of scholars and students in arts and heritage (by having/promoting concerts, exhibits, and symposiums).

• To establish an international conference for scholars as well as practitioners to advance the fields of arts and heritage.

4. General public

• To educate the community through programs for both students and residents of the community.

• To enhance quality of life by making the arts available to a broader audience.